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Joy of Transformation 2017:

Arco Isis Sanctuary Yoga Soundscapes

Joy of Transformation II Retreat

The first Joy of Transformation retreat took place at the Golden Temple in March 2017.  Hosted by Matthew Eklund and Nick Bauer, and co created with a fantastic group, we created a space to dive into the depths and lightness of this human experience!

Featuring Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Reiki 1 and 2 Certification, Song Circles, Sonic Saunas, Cuddle Puddles, Massage Trains and Plant Medicine Ceremonies, the week was full of Joy and Transformation!

Our second wave of Joy of Transformation will take place immersed in the lush landscape of Arco Isis Sanctuary, with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets- beautiful for ceremonies and peaceful nature immersion.

"What I really enjoyed about the retreat; you are creating a space with like minded people in a sacred space where the walls begin to melt and you become more and more who you are meant to be, less fear and more love, and more your true self- through music and dance and playfulness and silliness, and just letting go, and that is a remarkable experience to create...." "It was a wonderful experience which I truly transformed and changed, and I will be there again next year!"  

- Taryn Joel


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