FAQ - Everything You Need to Know Here!

  1. I’m coming to Living Heart Alchemy! What’s Next?

    Congratulations! You have just made a life changing decision that will alter the course of your journey forever! Here’s what’s next:

    1. Pay your 50% deposit, or in Full! With Paypal or Venmo, send payments “to friends and family” to Matek03@aol.com. In the comments section, write your full name so we know who you are! Full payments are due BEFORE you arrive to Guatemala! This makes it easy to drop in and enjoy when you get to the sanctuary!

    2. Book your flight! Fly to Guatemala City La Aurora airport. We have the best luck with tickets using skyscanner.com, especially if you don’t mind spending extra time for budget travellers! We also use google flights, and cheaptickets.com. We have the best luck with skyscanner! We recommend booking flights that arrive in Guatemala before 1pm if you are taking a public transport to san marcos, or by 5pm if you are taking a private car! We can help arrange private cars ($100)- public shuttles are available at the kiosk right outside the airport doors ($30) and are efficient and comfortable! If you are arriving in Guatemala City later than 8pm we recommend booking a hotel near the airport www.booking.com and making travel arrangements the next day! Hotels range from $25 (budget) to $110 (premium). Guatemala city is a major international metropolitan city, there are Marriots, Hiltons, etc.

    3. Send your flight info to Arcoisissanctuary@gmail.com :) If you want a private car ($100) we can arrange that for you!

2. Getting to Arco Isis Sanctuary. How do we get there?

Whether you are on a private car or public shuttle, your destination is San Marcos La Laguna, Lago Atitlan.

  1. Once you arrive in San Marcos La Laguna, your destination is barrio 2 Shangri La Atitlan. You take a tuk tuk to Barrio 2 (10q-20q depending on size of baggage ($1.50-2.75). Shangri La is a meetup point for Arco Isis Sanctuary, and also where we roast all of our coffee! Tim and Osnat and the Shangri La team are amazing, and they have bliss balls and drinks for sale (and coffee!) when they are open during normal business hours! THERE IS FREE WIFI AT SHANGRI LA ATITLAN.

  2. Contact us (Matthew Gordon Eklund, Nicholas John Bauer, Rhabb Seymour on fb messenger) OR 1-253-732-8166 via wifi calling, and we will send our boys down to help carry your luggage up! It is a 15 minute hike, TAKE IT SLOW, you are at a higher altitude than you may be used to, and enjoy the views! WELCOME HOME!!!

3. What do I bring on this Magical Mystery Tour?

In order of Importance:

  1. 1 combination or key lock for your personal storage locker

  2. Warm clothes for night time (as cold as 50F)/ bathing suit/ good hiking shoes/trail runners/warm socks/ hat for nighttime /Active wear for Yoga/Dance

  3. Flashlight/Headlamp, Writing Journal and Pens, Eco Friendly Toiletries/Shampoo (Dr. Bronners, Organic Shampoo/Conditioner)


  4. Bug spray (bugs/mosquitoes aren’t bad on the mountain where we live, unless you KNOW you are a magnet)

  5. Earplugs (occasionally there are distant church gatherings at night, distant dogs barking, fireworks (especially during Christmas and New Years eve) If you are a sensitive sleeper earplugs can come in handy!

  6. Rifle Muffs! (These are a step up from ear plugs, we recommend these for MEDITATION, it’s a pro technique used by expert meditators, NOT noise cancelling headphones, can buy at sports stores/gun stores. You can hear your heartbeat with these and literally tune out the rest of the world.

  7. Phone Chargers, all the things on YOUR list! :)

  8. Medicine - We have a full first aid kit, though with any travelling in Central America we recommend the following: small hand sanitizer, Grapefruit seed extract/activated charcoal (For any digestive issues).

4. Is Guatemala Safe to Travel? What precautions do I take?

Lake Atitlan is fairly rural and out of the way from cartel/gang activity and drug trade routes! That said, we recommend the following:

  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended when travelling in Central America - petty theft is the most common annoyance - “If you leave the food out the cats will come and eat.” Keep an eye on your belongings and always use locked hotels/hostels with good vibes and security - nearly all reputable places have on site security.

  • Arco Isis Sanctuary has on site security 24/7 and our team is trustworthy! We also have dogs on site that are kind to friendly people!

  • Coming up the mountain at night? Bring a buddy! - Most theft is opportunistic and strength in numbers prevents any ideas from any thieves looking to cash in on an easy heist! Don’t travel alone at night! Message us from Shangri-La and our staff will come and swoop you up after hours or during the night if you are coming home late!

  • Use Your Intuition! Often times we can avoid unsavory situations by making decisions with a clear mind! Use your head!

  • Lastly, don’t worry! We call Guatemala and Lake Atitlan home and feel safe here!

What Not to Bring!

  • No Pets! We’ve got all your pet pal needs on site :)

  • No non prescription Drugs or Alcohol! NO CANNABIS! It’s still very illegal here and can ruin your experience! We love Cannabis - we don’t love police that exploit tourists by catching a bag of pot in their bag!

  • No Entheogens for personal consumption! We are staying organized with the conscious and intentional use of entheogens for healing. It is important to note that Living Heart Alchemy is not a place to enjoy plant medicine outside of the planned ceremonies! If you are interested in communing with the sacraments we will do our best to provide a safe and sacred environment to get the most out your experience and integration!

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