Entheogenic Retreats

“Entheo” translates to “Godlike.” Entheogens are tools and sacraments which are used to commune with the divine, God/higher power, or however you experience the Source of all creation. The ceremonial use of Entheogens can raise our awareness of the multidimensional aspect of our beings, help us momentarily dissolve ego and identity structures, and allow us to heal core wounds and re-pattern behavior and belief structures.


At Arco Isis Sanctuary we provide a safe container with experienced facilitators who have collectively spent decades holding space and experiencing these medicines. We have a trained nurse on staff to ensure safety of all participants. We emphasize integration through embodied practices and one on one talk sessions, and provide ongoing support and community for continued support.

We only accept patients with direct references and honest intentions of healing and reuniting with Source. All applicants must complete the medical background check and pass pre-screening before coming to Arco Isis Sanctuary. We do not accept more than 5 applicants per group.

3 Day, 3 Nights or 5 Day, 5 Nights private retreats

Day 1: Arrival, Introductions, Preparation

Day 2: Ceremony

Day 3: Integration


Day 4: Ceremony

Day 5: Integration

  • Cost:

    $5555.00 - 3 nights, meals, and ceremonies- includes private shuttle to/from airport.

  • $7555.00 - 5 nights, meals, and ceremonies- includes private shuttle to/from airport.

Entheogens we work with:

-Psilocybin Mushrooms



-5Meo - DMT

-San Pedro (Mescaline)

Embodied Practices:

-Restorative Yoga

-Sound Healing

-Rebirthing Breathwork

-Ecstatic dance


Our Facilitators:

matthew bio.jpg

Rev. Matthew Michael

Reverend Matthew Michael founded Arco Isis Sanctuary after receiving visions years before during Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru. He has been practicing with Entheogens for over 15 years and has logged in over 500 Entheogenic experiences in his lifetime. He is a RYT 500 Yoga Teacher specializing in Yin and Restorative, certified life coach and multi Instrumentalist/sound healer. Matthew has discovered and healed core wounds through years of Entheogen use, and emphasizes the importance of Authentic Expression and accessing our emotional body for true liberation. He is an affiliate of the Essene Order of Natural Mystics Church.

nicholas bio.jpg

Rev. Nicholas John

Reverend Nicholas John is a Reiki Master, certified life coach and Entheogen guide. He has served in medicine ceremonies for the last 4 years and has over 10 years experience with medicine. He serves as a solid “ground” for deep experiences. Nicholas has pushed the envelope with 20 gram psilocybin journeys and is able to help people navigate their own minds and emotions during 1 on 1 ceremonies. Nicholas is an affiliate of the Essene Order of Natural Mystics Church.

Rhabb Seymour

Rhabb is a Kundalini yoga instructor and Entheogenic facilitator/guide. He has specialized in 1 on 1 and small group N,N DMT ceremonies and is a trained Nurse from the US Army. Rhabb is an excellent counselor and leads Men’s Circles.

rhabb bio.jpg

Jessa Blessa

Jessa has over 10 years experience with Entheogens and has trained with facilitating 5meo-DMT ceremonies. She offers nurturing support and counseling. She is also a facilitator of Ampcoil, a bioresonant tool for healing.