How We Meditate At Arco Isis Atitlán Sanctuary and Retreat Center: Stillness and Binaural Beats

In our current world, the ancient tools of meditation and sound healing have been acknowledged by mainstream media and especially science. At Arco Isis Atitlán, we combine both meditation and stillness practices with music, to make our morning routines a truly transcendental experience.

Our facilitators and residents come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Kirtan is a daily occurrence. Song circles and gospel can be heard throughout the day, energizing the land.

One meditation technique that has really benefitted Matthew Michael, Founder of Arco Isis Sanctuary, is guided meditation with binaural beats.

Binaural beats use 2 frequencies, one in the left ear and one in the right, to create one frequency inside the brain. Pretty scientific stuff! In the transformational community of Lake Atitlán, balancing our frequencies through sound is a common occurrence. Listening to binaural beats within a guided meditation helps make meditation for beginners, easy and...

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