The Amazing Benefits of Ecstatic Dance

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020

Ecstatic dance has been described as a “form of dance in which the dancers,  abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy.”

Ecstatic dance has been around since the beginning of time and now has become widely varied across multiple countries and religions. Ecstatic dance, also referred to as conscious dance, is a vessel we hold for ourselves to allow the full affirmation and statement of whatever our emotions are right now.

Shamans have used this as a way of altering consciousness by the use of drumming. Some people find this beneficial for spiritual, emotional, or physical connection. Others, it could be an art form.

It is used and practiced like yoga or meditation. The singing and dancing can be quite euphoric. Mixed together with music it can create a refined feeling deep within a person.

The great thing about ecstatic dance is that you have complete freedom to move however your body feels compelled. In recent times, it is now gaining more popularity. Through movement we can manifest ourselves.

How can we do that? By being embodied, we are using our physical bodies to integrate with the mind, emotion , and soul. How can one be embodied through dance? There is only one of us; here in this present moment. When we are in the present moment we have an opportunity to express ourselves.

Dancing has a way of getting the left and right sides of our brain working in unison, meaning harmony is struck. This is called whole brain synchronization, and it’s one of the keys to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

When the two parts of the brain work separately, it creates unbalance and discord. It’s what we feel on a daily basis. From getting ready for work in the morning to thinking about bills, our futures, and other things that make our life so busy.

It’s the stress that cause our vibration to run low. Dancing can change all that. And restore balance in your mind, body, and spirit. Ecstatic dance classes are forming everywhere nowadays.

People are gravitating towards this new form of dance to come back to a place of peace and tranquility. They want to take a moment from whatever busy lifestyle they have and find that inner peace they are searching for.

People of all ages, sizes, and abilities attend these ceremonies. Dancing is a form of movement. And movement is good for the body by getting the endorphins flowing producing the trance-like feeling. Ecstatic dance can also encourage a sense of community among individuals. Especially when attended regularly, feeling a strong sense of community is beneficial to happiness. But most importantly, one should get out of their comfort zone when starting out.

Most people can be too shy about getting up and dancing. But putting those fears aside is part of the ecstatic dance. Close your eyes and start feeling the music, the dancing part will come quite naturally to the body. No drugs, no alcohol necessary. There are no specific dance steps; just you, the music, and the dance. Move how your body is telling you. As ecstatic dance is becoming more mainstream; more and more people are geared to give it a chance. So, find a class or group near you and join in on the newfound bliss you’ll experience.

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